Hey Hey Camp Medley! What’s that you say?

Registration is open!!

It’s that time of year again campers! Your week at Medley is just around the corner! Wether you’re a long time camper, or brand new this year, we can’t wait to see you!

So what are we up too, you may ask? Well planning the weeks of course! Every summer we are excited for what a new summer will bring to Medley, and 2019 is no exception! While we are busy working away on all the programming and planning for the summer, we thought we would share a few exciting details about Summer 2019!

NEW! Calling all youth +15! We have a new leadership opportunity!

Introducing CIT! Counsellors in Training will launch this July and we can’t wait to get started! The CIT program is a new leadership camp aimed at teaching our young leaders about the power of christian leadership in a camping ministry context. Program participants will participate in a week long mission trip in a local NB community, spend a week receiving hands on camp training, and working under the direction of counsellors, as trainees in the cabins with campers. As they learn the ropes of what it means to work at camp, CIT’s will also take part in the daily care and up-keep of the camp; from cooking and cleaning, to helping maintain the grounds. CIT’s will walk away with a certification indicating they’ve completed the program, and a letter of reference from their CIT Director.

Still haven’t had enough of camp? CIT’s can come back as a camper during Night Owl week! For more information, visit the “Counselors in Training” page, found under ‘Programs’.

We are busy planning the themes, games and events — what can you do to help us get ready? Tell your friends all about camp! Invite your friends to experience and fall in love with camp the way you have! 

See you soon campers!