Leaders in Training

At Camp Medley, we’re not only committed to giving children a fun and safe camping experience, but also an opportunity for personal growth. We believe that developing strong leadership skills is an important part of youth development, which is why we offer our Leader in Training program focused on fostering young leaders. The LIT program emphasizes the development of skills specific to Christian leadership, as well as camp and children’s ministry. The LIT program provides a balance of formal training, mentoring and hands on experience that will be valuable to any leadership role!

Leader in Training (LIT) quick facts!

  • The program is three weeks long (weekends off), with an additional fourth week spent doing Missions in NB!
  • The program is for teenagers between 14 and 16.
  • LIT helps you transition from being a camper to being a leader in a camp setting
  • LIT will explore faith, spirituality, leadership, skill development and personal gifts.
  • LITs get to live in a community with one another learning and enjoying the typically amenities of camp life.
  • LITs get to lead a day camp in the local community as part of their final week in the program!
  • NEW THIS YEAR! LITs will have the opportunity to spend an additional 4th week learning about missions in a New Brunswick community.


At Camp Medley we see what summer camp beyond your camper years can look like, and we believe programs like this help to build a life-long foundation for you personal and spiritual growth! Our phenomenal LIT Director and support staff are here to be-friend, mentor, and guide you into truly becoming your best self!

Are you interested, yet? Contact our camp director at director@campmedley.ca and find out if you would be a good fit for this program!

Registration for the 2019 LIT Program is open now! Click Registration!

Finished LIT and still haven’t had enough camp? If you are 15 and over, you also have the chance to apply for our Counsellors in Training Program. Visit the CIT page, for more information.

What is the difference between LIT and CIT?

We’re glad you asked! LIT and CIT are both leadership camps, aimed at creating experiences for our youth that will grow and challenge their leadership experience. LIT exists for youth (ages 14-16) who are looking to learn more about their faith, mentorship, and what it means to be a team leader in their schools, churches, sports teams, communities etc. LIT’s will have an opportunity to take leadership in the planning and organizing of our Camp on the Road program, and be invited back for an opportunity to participate in the Missions Camp.

CIT is designed for mature youth leaders (ages 15-18) who are interested specifically in camping and children’s ministry. This program will offer them opportunities to participate in staff training workshops, work hands on with campers in the cabins and sessions, and participate in the everyday functions of the camp. It is recommended that campers complete LIT before CIT.

LIT 2019 Dates:

June 30-July 19

Missions Week –  July 21-26

(Participants go home on weekends)