At Camp Medley, we’re not only committed to giving children a fun and safe camping experience, but also an opportunity for personal growth. We believe that developing strong leadership skills is an important part of youth development, which is why we offer our two Leader in Training programs focused on fostering young leaders.

Leader in Training (LIT) quick facts!

  • The program is three weeks long. LITs do get to go home on weekends though!
  • The program is for teenagers between 16 and 18. If you are 15 and are considering LIT you can talk to our director about your interest. (
  • LIT helps you transition from being a camper to being a staff member or leader in the community
  • LIT will explore faith, spirituality, leadership, skill development and personal gifts.
  • LITs get to live in a community, try out being a counsellor in a cabin, and see what working on a team is really like.
  • LITs get to lead a day camp in the local community as part of their final week in the program! 

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