Camp Medley

Let us share with you, what we are all about!

We believe in providing a space that will support meaningful relationships, new experiences, and an unforgettable summer camp experience.

Located conveniently central to Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton, our cozy camp site sits on the beautiful St John River, with all the camp amenities needed to have a great week away! Camp Medley is owned and operated by the Anglican Diocese of Fredericton, and is maintained by the Camp Director.

Our leadership and camp staff are formed in the values of Christian leadership and work to create an innovative camp experience. We place a special value and importance on providing an affirming and welcoming community, and want to meet you this summer!

Our staff are committed to our mission to ‘proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the making of disciples’, and to do so by providing a safe and affirming environment where campers can be challenged to learn, build important relationships, and play in the beauty of God’s creation. Camp is a formative experience in the lives of young people, and an incredible place for children and youth to challenge themselves in new ways, exploring the potential of their skills and abilities.

The ministry and outreach of Camp Medley stretches far beyond the summer months! We are always looking to create new an exciting opportunities to visit our surrounding communities in the ‘off season’, and to engage with our camp family and friends year-round.

Do you have a questions for us? Explore our website and contact us for more information!