Camp Descriptions

Welcome to Camp (Ages 7-9)

Unsure about sleep away camp? This program is perfect for first time campers that are not used to being away from home . . . and for the first time camper parent too! Cabin sizes are a little smaller, so not to be overwhelming for the first-time camper, so that they can have a comfortable camping experience. Welcome to Camp is three days of a little bit of everything camp related. On Tuesday evening, we will call and check in with you, letting you know how your camper is doing and let you decide if a half/week is enough for your camper, or if they want to stay until Friday. This week is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your little ones to the magic of summer camp.

Boys and Girls (Ages 9-11)

This week is for campers who are just getting used to the idea of being away from home. It is a perfect way for your child to experience everything our summer camp has to offer. Campers will be immersed in a classic week of camp and have opportunities to try a variety of camp activities such as canoeing, swimming, archery, crafts, camp wide games, making new friends, and so much more! It is our goal to create for your campers, a place where they can come to make life long friendships and have Camp Medley become their home away from home.

Junior Teen Week (12-14)

Looking to have your pre-teens make the most out of their Summer? Look no further! Junior Teen weeks will challenge your campers with our countless exciting activities like archery, arts, swimming, canoeing and much more! Our programs are designed for the campers to develop skills, build self esteem, share numerous laughs, and have an amazing time. Campers will be emerged in camp community, with many chances to meet new friends, get outdoors, and learn from themselves what they are capable of accomplishing. Camp is a safe, active and loving place where your camper can challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things. 

Missions Camp (15-18) NEW 2019!

Do you have an interest in serving others, and want to know how you can contribute to your community in a positive way? Come be a part of our first ever Missions Camp. Missions campers will join the LIT’s and CIT’s in a week of learning about service and outreach opportunities in the NB region. Campers will become educationally aware of social issues facing people who face oppression in the region, and will gain hands on experience in serving people through opportunities like; preparing meals, maintenance projects, and so much more! And yes, there will still be a taste of the regular camp activities!

* Missions Campers will be required to have an additional registration form filled out indicating off-site travel consent, which will be sent upon their registration.

Night Owl (Ages 15-18)

This camp is the perfect for the teen that loves camp, or maybe hasn’t tried it before! Night Owl campers do what teens do best, sleep late into the morning, and stay up late!  We pull out all the stops for what might be your teen’s last chance to experience camp as a kid. The fun campers have at Night Owl is guaranteed to create memories for years to come.

Boys and Girls Adventure (Ages 12-14)

This specialty week is an exciting opportunity for kids to develop multiple leadership and survival skills, and take camping to a whole new level! Cabins will have a chance to test their skills on an out trip, canoeing down the St John river to a local island to camp overnight and cook on the fire. The sense of adventure and team building that is made in this week will give children an opportunity for children to leave camp at the end of the week having fostered a real sense of accomplishment.

Girls Week (Ages 8-11)

This is an all female week at camp that encourages growth in girls. This program offers something for every little girl. One Girls Week favorite is the ball where they campers and their counselors wear dresses and dance the night away like princesses. But there is also chances for girls to canoe, play sports, swim, and learn about nature. Our hope for this week to be a versatile program that helps girls become more comfortable at camp and reach goals they never thought they could. Each and every girl at Medley can shine in her own way while here. Every girl will be accepted for who she is through the magic of camp.

Medley Makers (13-15)

Medley Makers is a new and unique camping experience. This specialty week is comprised of things that we usually never get the chance to do during normal camp weeks which is why it is so much smaller. The small group also helps form a greater sense of calm community living for the week they are here. At this camp we will bring local experts to camp to teach skills. Some skills could be baking & cooking, woodworking, sewing, crafting,etc. There will also be normal camp things for kids to do like swimming, games and campfire. This focus week will allow campers to learn a brand new set of skills, create things, and maybe go home with ideas for their future.

Girl Boss (13-15)

Who run the world? Girls! This week is all about female empowerment and shaping the female leaders of tomorrow. Girl Boss provides the awesome traditional camp space while learning from women entrepreneurs, and specialty crafts and activites. Girl Boss is a coming of age experience for girls, all about unlocking their true potential. Traditional camp, while teaching and encouraging our girls how to express themselves in society as the strong, caring, thoughtful, independent and confident girls they are!