Specialty week is a totally unique camping experience for campers aged 12-15. The camps this week are intentionally smaller so that campers get to try things that they would never get to do at a regular week of camp.



This is an exciting opportunity for campers to learn leadership survival skills in an outdoor setting. Campers will spend the majority of the week on out-tripping adventures that involve tenting, canoeing, orienteering and more. (Please note that these camps involve an overnight canoeing trip!)


Imagine if Camp Medley collided with Pinterest, Youtube and a zillion DIY projects! At this specialty camp you learn valuable skills from our local experts. Whether it’s cooking & baking, sewing & crafting, construction & wood work, or environmentalism,  you pick your focus for the week, learn from people who actually know what they’re doing, create something and then go home with a whole new set of skills and ideas for your future.
Oh, and we do all the regular fun Camp Medley stuff too!