Our Camp Story

Camp Medley held its first summer program in 1945, through the donation of farmland at Gunters Wharf in Upper Gagetown, NB. The idea to start up a children’s summer camp was generated by a group with the Anglican Church, and Bishop W.H. Moorehead (the Anglican bishop at the time).

What has changed in the last 75 years? …a few things!

Camp Medley sits along the wonderful St John river. We have 10 cabins, and can sleep 160 campers each week. We are blessed with updated facilities, while having a love and appreciation for our remaining original buildings –  the chapel, nurses hut, and the much loved ‘old dining hall’ building.

How do you remember Camp Medley?

Have a story about your time at Camp Medley? We would love to hear it! Give us a call or send us an e-mail and let us know about your camp story.