Parent F.A.Q.’s

Whether you are a returning camper parent . . . or brand new to the family;

We want to make sure we answer all of your questions!

Can campers be in a cabin with their friends?
Of course! In the online registration, there is a section where campers can request cabin mates. We do our best to accommodate all requests.

Are there any discounts for families?
Yes, there is a $50 sibling discount for families who send more than one child. Please register all your children at the same time, and this discount will be applied automatically. If you didn’t register your kids at the same time please, contact the office to have your discount applied.

Also, there is a $50 multi-week discount when your child attends for more than one week. Please contact the office to have your discount applied.

My camper takes medication, is there someone who will distribute them?
A Camp Nurse (or designated first aider) is available 24/7 for our staff and campers and will be the only person who will distribute medications to campers. They will be present at registration on opening day so that you are able to meet privately with them to discuss any medications and health concerns.

My camper’s medications have changed since I registered. What should I do?
Call the office and we will reopen the medical form so you can go online to update.

Should I send any money with my camper?
No. Our Registration fee covers everything necessary for camp, including money for the Tuck Shop.

Can I buy a camp t-shirt?
On opening and closing day, we have a camp store that sells t-shirts, camp swag and snacks where parents can purchase items.

My camper is very anxious and wants to know if they can call me from camp; is this allowed?
We know some campers can have a hard time being away from home, this is a big transition for both camper and parent. We will connect with you if your camper is having any troubles at camp.

Is there any financial aid available?
Our Campership program is available for those in financial need. Click here for more information.

My camper has significant dietary restrictions; does the camp accommodate this?
Our kitchen staff strive to accommodate basic dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. If your child’s dietary needs are different than these please contact the office a week before your child comes to camp.

Is there something we forgot? Give us a call at 506-488-2874, or e-mail us at