Travelling Leadership Workshops

Can’t make the drive to camp for a Guided Leadership Retreat? Let us come to you!

We offer an extensive Leadership Workshop that will come to you. The targeted groups for this workshop are; schools, teams, church groups, workplaces, clubs, youth groups, etc. Skills developed during this workshop will become the foundation for life long success. Each participant will push themselves to heights they never thought possible. This path breaking approach to leadership, mentoring and development will be a life changing experience. With our training, groups will transform their skills into those of innovation, focus, productivity, and influence.


Who is it for?

Our Travelling Workshops are perfect for middle school & high school aged groups:

  • Student Council
  • Clubs
  • Sports Teams
  • Youth Groups


What will we do?

Because our time together will be short, everything we do  will be ‘teachable’ to your group. Starting out we will get to know your group and hear their goals and vision for becoming relative leaders in their community. From there we will work through a team building activity, followed by a short session on being concrete leader, and then finish with a debrief of our workshop time.


Where will we travel to?

Camp Medley is based out of Upper Gagetown NB,  and will travel anywhere in the province of New Brunswick to host a Travelling Leadership Workshop.

*Cost may depend on location of the workshop


When can we meet?

Leadership Workshops are offered year-round! Prepare your incoming school teams at the end of August, or plan a visioning day with your team for March Break!


How long is it?

Travelling Workshops are designed to fit a 90minute block, but can be shortened or lengthened depending on the time allowed for the workshop. The perfect amount of time for team practices, club meetings, school lunch hours and more!


Ready to Sign-Up?

To register or inquire for pricing, please contact us at